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Photography - TszLong
Sound Design - James Yao Acey

UNHEARD Sound and Music Festival returns for its second iteration in July 2023. Curated and hosted in partnership with Eaton HK, Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong and design collective dtby, the festival continues to examine our personal and collective relationships with sound not only locally but also on regional and international levels. Through an interactive and immersive series of events, including live performances, video and sound installations, sound design and instrument- making workshops, as well as screenings and panels with local musicians, DJs, producers and professors, UNHEARD 2023 will examine how we interpret and relate to this vibrational energy that we know as sound. As we all search for and express our own identities, revisit and reconstruct our past memories, the festival aims to show how we are psychologically and physically more connected by sound than we may think.

Thanks to our partners and all participated artists:

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