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Eco-packaging design

co-designed with 
Hin Kwok

Hin Kwok


"To the Moon, For the Planet' design concept is a heartfelt tribute to our cherished moon festival, celebrating the essence of sustainability and reusability. The mooncake box isn't just a gift to our guests; it's a gift to our planet. Taking inspiration from the Year of the Rabbit, we've crafted a versatile graphic system based on Chinese zodiac signs, making it adaptable for various zodiacs. This eco-friendly mooncake box doubles as a reusable lunch box, while our collectible wrapper bands refresh its look each year. Moreover, as dedicated stewards of sustainability, we've sourced eco-friendly materials like corn fiber and managed the production process. This pioneering eco-packaging initiative by Landmark Mandarin Oriental sets a trailblazing standard for the hospitality industry in Hong Kong, offering a thoughtful and sustainable way to celebrate this traditional festival.

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