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Photography and Footages:

Young Ying, Rose Ng, and Gideon de Kock.

dtby_ as the first Design Partner with and
for K11 Art Mall to rebrand and restructure
the current East Wing in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Design and Production of a new inclusive
shopping destination spanning over two floors
with a four-month calendar of activations,
events, workshops, masterclasses,
retail, and retail pop-ins.

Forging a new community space with
over fifty artists, designers, and brands.
Restoring art, design, and contemporary
youth in culture in the heart of Kowloon.

To bring out and bring together diverse
communities with fun, memorable,
and impactful new experiences

dtby_ is an establishd platform in
growing Hong Kong's creative community.
We empower makers to showcase their
work and expand their reach to new
unconventional audiences.


Blue Pt. 1
Luke Casey

The launch of a new book and show
documenting the heart of winter in the UK.
A set of images created during the last hour
of each day at a time of isolation and desolation.

A surreal combination of images by Luke Casey
and poems by Bernadette Casey. A limited first edition
with over 54 pages with custom blue stitch binding.
Each book is paired with a poster insert.
40/100 copies available at our store.