Yeah but it'll be fine

The future is inner space. At dtby_, we curated and created a sonic experience to uplift and promote positive change. During these difficult and unpredictable times, we feel it is important to look forward and inwards, to stay strong mentally and physically. Together with our creative partners we produced Yeah, But It'll Be Fine, a compilation of music and sounds to soothe and compliment daily tasks. We also encourage the use of our compilation as a sonic gateway to new hobbies, new actions, and new creative solutions. Devotees to positive change can scan and stream or download and supplement as much as desired. As the compilation progress, our experience becomes more intense. We encourage to begin chronologically paired first with tasks that are low in energy. We then advise to microdose by selecting chapters that participants feel best matches daily routines or desired new hobbies. Remember to have fun.

music by :

DonJon, Dyed, Dito, Yong Ying, Vegan Chicken

listen here :

exhibit at :


Critically Homemade” Prototype Exhibition
@ Soho House Hong Kong

21 Sep – 4 Oct 2020: Daily 12pm – 7pm