What i did:

Art Direct, Branding

Brand Story:

Imagine The Astor Theatre is open today and Eaton Hotel is bringing it alive with new branding to revive the memories of old Hong Kong cinema.

The Astor is not only an all day dining restaurant, it will be an alternative place for movie lovers, foodies and anyone who loves Hong Kong culture.

Brand DNAs:

  1. Nostalgic

  2. Culture

  3. Experience

  4. Cool

  5. Local

Design Concept:

Rebellious youth in the 1980s who were innovative and free to experiment to inspire the future also to create a new vision for Hong Kong. Inspired by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai's use of color and moody stylized visuals will be the references for this concept.


Brand Logo

ASTOR logo final-01.png

Color Palette

ASTOR logo colors png-02.png


Font Family:



astor web- chi font-05.png
astor web-font-03.png

Font Family: